Private Security/Investigations

       Terry has an 8-year honorable discharge from the Us Marines. Terry was an E-4 non-commissioned officer in the grunts, 0311, and earned an A-1 re-enlistment code, the best re-enlistment code you can receive.Terry served in Carlie Co. 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, in a Marine special operations contingency unit. While serving with C 1/3, Terry was one of 11 Marines hand-picked to be part of a marine super squad training, and competition. The first year they finished 1st Place, and was awarded the best Marine Super Squad/Rifle Squad in the 3rd Marine Division. There are only 3 Marine divisions so only 33 Marines per year get this award and they finished 2nd place the second year and Terry served as a fire team leader in that competition. Terry also turned down an invite to be a Marine sniper in order to remain a squad leader; leading and training in his infantry unit. As a marine squad leader, Terry trained his Marines in offensive combat defensive, combat patrolling, air strikes and physical fitness. Terry has trained with and against green berets, army rangers, and navy seals, also combat training in desert, jungle, and cold weather mountain training and has trained in too many countries to list. Terry was trained that security is prominent/most important, 360 degrees, and continuous. Terry has two overseas deployment ribbons / 6 months tours, a rifle and postal expert badge. Terry is a graduate of Marine Squad Leaders School and counter terrorism courses. Terry has been trained in hand to hand combat, martial arts training to include Korean Taekwondo, Karate, Okinawa's Shurau Karate, MMA and street fighting. Terry has a Good Conduct Medal and is a diplomat first, but also a fearless pit bull when attacked. Terry is also a 32nd Degree Free Mason, and Nights’ Templar,  Semper Fi.   The Marines Warrior Hard Corps video on Youtube Call 800 659 8018 or for details on prices. 

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