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5 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone in Men- Midwestnutrition.com


Testosterone is the hormone that gives men their male characteristics and it is hard to imagine men without this hormone. It is this hormone that evolves boys into men. Guys experience an influx of this hormone during puberty and early adolescence. However, the production of this vital hormone plunges after the age of 30.

This dip in testosterone production leads to a whole lot of changes in the body as well as behavior. One of the most disturbing effects of low testosterone is reduce libido and erectile dysfunction.

Other effects include mood swings, irritable behavior, depression, weaker bones, loss of lean muscle, weight gain etc.,Though testosterone therapy can help increase testosterone level in your body, it comes with a host of side effects. Therefore, it is not such a great option.However, testosterone production in your body can be increase naturally.

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone in Men

1. Exercise Regularly- This is not just to keep your body in shape but to keep your sexual health intact.Certain exercises can help increase testosterone production in your body. Some great examples include squats, deadlifts, chin ups, rows, military presses etc.,

However, you must not over train your self. Over training can lead to increased stress levels in your body and that tends to lower testosterone production.

2. Eat Right

Have a balanced diet. Moreover, your diet should contain enough or proteins. Eggs, lean meat, dairy and poultry products are all great sources of proteins that should form a part of your diet. Not only this, you must also have enough of essential fats. These fats like Omega 3 are crucial for the production of testosterone.

Not only this, you must avoid greasy stuff and foods that are rich in carbohydrates, specially those that are rich in simple sugars.

3. Sleep Well

Have you ever wondered why you get a morning erections after a good night's sleep. This is because sleep helps boost testosterone levels in your body. Sleep deprivation affects your hormonal cycle and it leads to low testosterone and HGH levels in your body.

Your testosterone levels are at their highest level early morning after you have slept peacefully for at least 8 hours.

4. Have More Sex

Sex in itself is a great testosterone booster. Just having an erection is proven to boost testosterone levels in your body. So, if you really want to increase your testosterone levels, you must have sex more frequently.

5. Natural Testosterone Supplements

Such supplements are the perfect remedy to boost your testosterone levels naturally and without the side effects of hormone replacement therapy.

These supplements combine various natural herbs, amino acids and other nutrients that not only increase testosterone production in your body but also stimulate HGH production so that you can overcome age effects.

Such supplements also increase blood flow to the penis which not only helps boost your libido but also ensures powerful and longer lasting erections.

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