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       Terry is a psychic, psychic medium, medical intuitive, tarot card reader, energy healer, and nutritional consultant. My whole life I have had a way of knowing things without explanation, and have been fascinated with metaphysics's for 25 years.

       His studies include many psychic classes/courses, energy healing apprenticeship, and therapeutic touch healing course. "I would like to give special thanks and credit to my spirit guides and angels, Wishing you love, and light. 

     All readings and/or headings can be done in person, or over the phone, texting, email, or skype. 

 Contact Terry at: (941) 600-6386 or   Skype Address: SarasotaPsychicHealer

 $60 for 1 hour. 

Testimonials - 

     Terry did some healing work for me and soon after he started he knew without me telling him that i was having stomach trouble, he asked me if i was having stomach trouble, and i replayed yes it i am. The energy coming out of his hands on my stomach was intense, a few minutes later my dog started eating its food, and that is amazing because my dog had not been eating food last few days because me, and my dogs energy are so intertwined.  A few minutes later i asked Terry to stop the healing before he was finished telling him that it was enough, and too intense for one treatment. I grew up in Venezuela in a family of healers, and natural practitioners. I am a Reiki Master Healer, and a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Terry should definitely being doing these healing's full time. Evett from Sarasota Florida

     I was talking to Terry on the phone, i told him i was coming down with a cold he asked me did i have a raspy throat , i said yes how do you know he told me that he could feel it, he was in Sarasota Florida I was in Newport Richey Florida. Three days later he was at my house giving me Psychic reading, and he did a good job, he also asked me if my raspy throat went away 3 days earlier when he told me i had one. I had to think about it but yes it did go away after speaking to him. Laura from Newport Richey.

     I have been having stomach pain in my side for a few years now. I called Terry on the phone he told me that i had pancreatitis, and gave me some recommendations that i did not follow, but much to my surprise after talking to him my pain went away, and it has not returned for 2 months now. Anne from Venice Florida.

     I got a Psychic reading , and a energy healing over the phone by Terry. His psychic reading was very accurate, and  I was experiencing dizzy spells before the healing work he did the dizzy spells went away, and did not come back with just 1 healing.   Helen Sarasota Florida

   Testimonials - Terry is truly gifted, and such a great genuine person. He really goes above, and beyond I'm amazed at the clear accurate, insightful, uplifting, and direct information I received with Terry. I have such accolades for Terry. He truly helped meat one if not the desperate time of my life, and he was spot on ! He told me my mom did not have cancer 6 days before the pet scan came back saying so, how amazing He made me feel immediately at ease, and was able to steer me back on course to objectively look at things. I loved the fact that he was very understanding, compassionate, and most of all non judgmental. I am just overcome with gratitude. I truly can't say how much I appreciate the message I received from Terry, it truly was invaluable to say the least. I with out a doubt highly recommend him ! Mario -   LMT, NMT, CPT  Sarasota Fl.

     I got a psychic Reading from Terry, and he asked me did I know a Mike who died in a sudden car crash, that was my cousin coming threw Terry is a very good evidential medium. Chris K. Sarasota fl.

    I have had psychic messages from Terry, and seen him give many psychic messages to others. Terry is a very good psychic. Dewey in St. Pete, Florida.

    Terry provides positive, and uplifting messages. Katie Sarasota Fl.




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